song of the week

the goal is to write a song each week. i usually have only about 1-4
hours to spend on a song, so the level of quality and polish varies.


+ week 1: technocracy
  blown-out overdriven synth/doom breakdown

+ week 2: reminiscences
  wistful mixed emotions, melancholy and warm fuzz

+ week 3: restless
  bright, buzzy encounters in the depths of modulation castle

+ week 4: technique
  epic synth journey through time and space

+ week 5: subduction
  lush, high-energy motoric momentum

+ week 6: penumbra
  haunting electronics pierce the veil, bring the demons

+ week 7: give up
  short synth sludge with a bad attitude

+ week 8: migraine (uncompressed wav)
  bytebeat harsh noise freakout

+ week 9: this is fine
  aleatoric ambient adventures in javascript

+ week 10: broken bones
  glitchy breaks cut up by buggy programs

+ week 11: quest (beepbox)
  retro fantasy loops for lofi side quests

+ week 12: sundown (beepbox)
  funeral drone for the setting sun

+ week 13: dysfunction (beepbox)
  midi hardcore breakdown

+ week 14: undead (wormrider remix)
  confused, glitchy, unsuccessful drone experiments

+ week 15: obelisk (beepbox)
  ominous unexplained fm synthesis monolith

+ week 16: abyssal zone
  crushing pressure of deep sea drone

+ week 17: we dance in shadows
  revels on the darkest night of the year

+ week 18: overcome
  dark, brooding electro for a post-vax fever

+ week 19: do not fold
  noncompliant stoner doom meets brutal chromatic jams

+ week 20: visitation zone
  dub rhythms and ambivalent horns journey into the zone

+ week 20.5: silver cord
  astral projection through a single luminous chord on drone day

+ week 21: without form
  frenetic drum-and-bassline along a space-filling curve

+ week 22: thief (beepbox)
  bike thieves and a new wave of beepbox heavy metal

+ week 23: callous (rough draft)
  lo-fi blackened accoustic riffs

+ week 24: callous (demo)
  still lo-fi but now with vox and more instruments

+ week 25: incident (beepbox)
  small synth tune frozen in place to avoid predators

+ week 26: salt (beepbox)
  melancholy dirge amidst brackish drone

+ week 27: psychic intrustion

+ week 28: sidereal

+ week 29: vostok
  pilgrims of misfortune escape an ancient tomb

+ week 30: karst