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i've been playing music all my life, and recording it on the computer
since 1997. this page will collect a bunch of music i've made over the
years (of varying quality) and tries to create a timeline of which
bands i was in.

a lot of this music exists on backups, scattered cd-rs, zip disks, in
the wayback machine, etc. so it will be added as i find and upload it.

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music i made on my own:

⊛ demonolatry (1999)
  voices, keyboards, demonic possession.
  created this remix for a friend's ep. most of the music
  comes from the song, but is treated/distorted/cut up.

⊛ white room mix (2000)
  circuit-bent furby + self-help tape.
  created for an remix contest, though it only
  featured a few tiny samples from the "original".

⊛ red rover (2011)
  garageband instruments and effects.
  simple lofi videogame music for a ludum dare game
  of the same name.

⊛ wrong coat (2005)
  roland sh-101, realistic mg-1, casio sk-1, effects pedals.
  created to accompany the climax of kate's film "the wrong coat".
  has a really nice creepy, slinky, lounge vibe.
  cuts off kind of abruptly (it fades in the film).

⊛ cannibals on i-95 (2005)
  little song using casio drum samples and sine waves.
  originally posted to

⊛ throng (2002)
  distorted, cut up remix of a pop song.

  [ more to be added as i find it ]

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bands i've been in:

(almost no one will have heard of these bands. i'm just writing this
down to help me remember and catalogue what i've been doing. i'm not
including solo projects like retrograde 8, doktor moculus, etc.)

 ⊕ die osheimsituation (1997-1998)
   weird industrial band. wrote music on a powermac 6600. we played
   no shows but released a tape and some cd-rs.
   this was my first band, while i was in high school.
   erik played bass and did programming, adam played guitar and
   keyboards. brian contributed vocal samples and attitude.
   ⊛ the barnyard law (1997)

 ⊕ skapegoat (1997)
   ska punk band. i didn't know anything about the genre. they asked
   me to join because i could play trombone.
   i only played a couple of shows with them, and i don't remember
   the line-up.

 ⊕ ltd (1999-2005)
   probably my favorite band. two-piece band with my friend dan, we
   jokingly called ourselves "titans of industrial noise".
   released a 12" record, some cd-rs. played a lot of shows.
   dan and i sang, played keyboards, pedals, percussion, turned knobs,
   and broke things.
   ⊛ just like you cover (1999)
   ⊛ everyone had fun and stayed in control (2000)
   ⊛ day 4, hour 81 (2001)
   ⊛ live at ultimatum 8 (2003)
   [ we didn't record a lot of our songs/shows ]

 ⊕ magnificent team (2001)
   power trio, like "the fucking champs" but with less talent.
   i played bass, jason played guitar, and chris played drums. we
   only named the band after it broke up.
   [ no recordings exist ]

 ⊕ bear is driving (2002-2009)
   instrumental prog, math rock band. in the vein of don cab/mr bungle
   but later started sounding a bit more like yes/king crimson. we
   released some demos, a cd, played a ton of shows, with one small
   disastrous tour. i played bass, corey played drums, chris played
   guitar, dan played "the table of terror" (keyboards and noise).
   ⊛ an asymptotic approach to happiness (2005)
   ⊛ underground epiphanies at high speed prove fatal (2006)
   ⊛ all the truth, none the answer (2007)
   ⊛ twenty seven (2004)
   ⊛ if everyone else is thinking outside the box i'm going back in (2003)
   ⊛ lake cress #6 (2006)
   ⊛ lake cress #10 (2006)
   [ due to sudden break-up our newest/best songs were never recorded ]
   ⊛ to the board pt. 1 (gb demo) (2008)
   ⊛ kyle maclachlan's name is a killing word (gb demo) (2008)
   ⊛ untitled #3 (gb demo) (2007)
 ⊕ wormrider (2009-2012)
   sludgey doom metal band with sci-fi aspirations. started out trying
   to sound a bit like thrones/melvins, ended up somewhere else.
   we released some demos and a tape, played a bunch of shows.
   i played bass and sang, matt played guitar, dan still played
   "the table of terror". first curt drummed, then patrick drummed.
   ⊛ heroic brew (2010)
   ⊛ anubis (2012)
   ⊛ greyed out (2011)
   ⊛ this planet is an egg (2012)
   ⊛ shadowplay cover (2010)
   [ also see bandcamp page ]
 ⊕ burgertime (2011)
   weirdo two-piece powerviolence project with chris. we started with
   some ideas, wrote some songs, and played a single disastrous show.
   i played bass and sang, chris played drums, triggered samples and sang.
   ⊛ peak energon (2011)
   ⊛ reality star (2011)
 ⊕ curse of samsara (2011-2013)
   thrashy death metal band. i joined cause they needed a bass player.
   released a cd/12" and some demos. played a lot of really great shows.
   when i was in the band, anthony sang, dave and jason played guitar,
   i played bass, and luke played drums. i quit the band when i moved
   but they are still going.
   [ see bandcamp page ]

 ⊕ calris (2012-)
   solo project. sort of a catch-all. usually very slow, very noisey,
   very distorted. probably just a recording project.
   planning to record/release a tape for fall 2016.
   ⊛ inevitable (2012)
   ⊛ dragons in the vaccuum (2015)
   ⊛ hyperborea (2018)

 ⊕ mar (2014-)
   two-piece, sludge-laden punk band. lo-fi doom, just vocals, bass,
   and drums. we released a tape, and are currently looking
   for shows in the providence area.
   erik does drums, bass, and vocals.
   kay does vocals, guitar, and drums.
   [ see bandcamp page ]

if you want to make music, or have any questions, get in touch.

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